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Defensive Handgun Tactics & Techniques for Executive Protection


High-Risk Environments


This 1-Day Intensive Training Seminar is designed to teach the attendee/s what is needed to make fast action combat shooting decisions (with a strong emphasis on draw and fire exercises) This hands-on, live-fire scenario-driven training will teach you: “how to move the principle”, draw and fire on the move, and shoot/no-shoot practices. Also includes: Retention and Disarming techniques and intermediate use of force. 

Attendees will be schooled in:

  • Safe handling and carry of firearms in a simulated Executive Protection environment.

  • Reloading effectively under stress.

  • Malfunction Drills.

  • Shooting on the Move.

  • Using a firearm in a populated environment without endangering others.

  • How to effectively place shots in a reduced light environment.

  • Shoot/Don’t Shoot Scenarios

  • How to, or Not Engage multiple attackers

  • Cover and Evacuate Techniques

  • Fast Action Target Acquisition


Course content includes:

An extensive session on reduced and alternating light techniques. Scanning the crowd to identify potential threats.

How to identify and engage hostile targets through the use of verbalization, sound tactics and handgun skills while engaging realistic targets and settings.

This is a hands-on stress-oriented, close range training module utilizing realistic scenarios and requires professional participation from all attendees.

Student Required Equipment:

Pen and notepad, baseball cap w/front bill, eye and outside ear protection. Sports Jacket or Duty Style Windbreaker, Semi-auto pistol calibers of 9mm, 40SW or .45 Auto or revolver in .38 Spl. (no other calibers allowed). Non-Residents wishing not to transport firearms into MA may rent firearms from the facility ($20.00 per day)

Support Equipment:

Sturdy waist belt, holster, extra pistol magazines (2 minimal), revolver speed loaders/speed strips, gun cleaning kit/equipment.

Length: 1days/8 hours

Ammunition included with course cost, 50 Rounds. Additional Ammo may be purchased from the facility at a discount.

Prerequisites: Basic or Intermediate Firearms Training and Experience

Special Price

Cost: $179.00 (plus $15.00 Range fee)

Please be advised:

All classes must be paid in full at the time of registration. The registration fee for all classes is non-refundable. If you wish to switch to an alternate class, you must contact the Executive Protection Training Institute at least one week prior to the date of the classes, and we will reasonably try to accommodate your request. We reserve the right, at any time, to cancel an under-subscribed program. In the case cancellation on our part a full refund will be awarded.

We are Massachusetts State Police Certified Firearms Instructors and Law Enforcement (LEO) Instructors.

Attendees or behavior deemed to be unsafe by the (RO) Range Officer, will be removed from the training. No Refund will be given!

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