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2 Day Ground Fighting Seminar

for Police, Corrections and Security Professionals

More than 50% of all the physical confrontations encountered by police, corrections and security officers end up on the ground. Virtually all of the Watch Commanders and Defensive Tactics Trainers we had interviewed told us that 90% of their officers are unprepared to deal with the viscous MMA style of fight tactics being deployed by criminals today.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become a booming business globally and children as young as seven years old are seeking this style of training. For many years while on patrol we would see teens and pre-teens playing and practicing basketball, baseball, and football. Now we see them practicing Cobra Rolls and Choke-Out Submission Holds. (This includes women too.)

For decades it has been understood that the greatest asset an officer had was his hand to hand skills but with the proliferation of MMA style of fighting being employed by the bad guys it is now critical for all officers to not only know but also to be skilled in Ground Fighting Survival Techniques.

That is Why

The Executive Protection Training Institute is very proud to announce that it has associated itself with the legendary "Sal Bartolo Jr."

Mr. Bartolo, known not only for having won fourteen boxing titles in his career he is also known throughout the world as one of the toughest Mixed Martial Arts Instructors ever.

Sal has developed his own style of fighting gleaned during a long and successful military career and many many years as a professional fighter. Mr. Bartolo knows what works and what doesn't. His art is a mixture of many martial art styles, grappling, boxing and muy thai.

We have designed a "Ground Fighting Survival Course" specifically geared towards: police, corrections and security professionals that focuses on simple, easy to learn (and remember) tactics that just may save your life or that of another.

Please bear in mind that (although we provide a safe environment), just like a real-life assault this course is not for the timid. You will train in your everyday gear. It is a hands on, very physical training course and like a real life or death encounter you may acquire a bruise or display sore muscles or need to catch your breath afterwards.

If you have injuries or your condition is one that would keep from playing a physical sport you probably need Mr. Bartolos "Conditioning Training" before attempting this particular training.

This course requires your professional participation to maintain a safe and suitable learning experience for all. Please do not engage in any physical training program without consulting (and receiving approval) from a Doctor first.

We are currently accepting applicants for our August 2010 seminars so please log into our "Contact Us" page and tell us if you prefer weekdays or weekends for your training needs.

Please note: This is a fifteen (15) hour training seminar and a Certificate of Completion in "Ground Fighting Survival Tactics" will be awarded by The Executive Protection Training Institute.

This training will provide the participant with the experience to adequately defend him/ herself from the prone or back position. We will show you how to do cobra-rolls, ground assaults/ defenses and how to dominate and disable an attacker in the event that you find yourself fighting from the ground.

(AGAIN) This is a "No Nonsense" training seminar designed to teach the student how to quickly stop or disable an attacker in a life or death encounter.

This class is idealy suited for those wishing to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to survive a mixed martial arts type of attack.

Class is also suited for males and females in the police, corrections, or security field or those wishing to acquire the skills to help keep themselves safer in the event of an attack.

Current Course dates begin: 11/3 & 11/4, 12/7 & 12/8, 12/17 & 12/18,

For more information or to reserve your spot, please feel free to call us directly at: 617-542-3784 during business hours.

Class size is limited and spots fill up quickly

Price: Fall 2010 -$229.00

Group Discounts for four or more

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