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It doesn't matter if you are big or small. Do you have a creative mind and pay attention to details? Do you know the meaning of the words; professionalism, discretion, honesty, and tact? If so, you have the basic skills to become a Executive Protection Officer. Now you need the training.
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Executive Protection Officers Training Seminar Application
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Have you ever been convicted of a felony or Crime of Moral Turpitude?
Are you currently the subject of a restraining order, court proceeding or have had a medical/psych evaluation that would prevent you from handling firearms?
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Are you currently in Law Enforcement, Security or the Military?
Law Enforcement
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Do you currently hold a state issued LTC or FID Card?
License to Carry
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I am Currently Academy Certified
Do you intend to obtain training to break the law or commit acts of Terrorism?
Would you be interested in obtaining additional training?
Advanced Executive Protection Tactics
Conducting Executive Terminations
Security Driver Training
Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Techniques
Professional Chauffer Training
Security Drivers Training
1st Aid/CPR
Defensive Tactics for EP
Expandable Baton
Checmical Weapons
Seaport Security
NSC Defensive Driving (DDC4)
Team Leader/Advance Work Training
CQC Pistol for the EP Industry
National Carry Certification for Law Enforcement
Conduction High Risk Employee Terminations
Firearms Safety & Proficiency (MA LTC Safety Cert)
Subject Locate/Skip Tracing
Please see our course schedule and pick the preferred date you wish for your training. Also select a backup date as classes fill up quickley
Please advise us on the best time and means to contact you about acceptance into our programs. Include email and contact number.
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