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To: Whom it May Concern,
Having worked with Gerald Hagerty as an employer and as a student
I'm impelled to comment. Years ago I first employed Mr. Hagerty and his firm for executive protection; so I'm well aware of the repeat professionalism he personally displays and demands of those on the teams he leads. 
But it's more recently, as his student, that I write of the rare combination of skills in performing AND instructing. 
My experience in life has shown me that many individuals have excellent personal performance while others possess the ability to teach and communicate. Gerald Hagerty, on the other hand, does both superbly. 
From quietly yet seamlessly providing executive protection to
thoroughly yet simply teaching the art, he is also able to teach and inspire the novice in practical self-defense. 
While this is a genuine "thank-you" note from me to Gerry, it's also a message for others to take note: here's a gentlemen who not only can provide executive protection, he can also effectively instruct others in an array of practical self-improvement.
Most sincerely,
Reed Harris
To Gerald Hagerty,
As you know I have been in Law Enforcement for over thirty years and
during that time I have attended many courses, some good some not so good. 
The executive protection course offered by The Executive Protection Training Institute is one of the better ones. The material in the course is right to the point, no fillers to make up time. The thing about the course I liked the most was it’s a hands on course not just a lot of lecture. 
Both you and your staff are very knowledgeable and professional and treated all the students with respect, no matter what their level of training was prior to taking your course. 
I am looking forward to attending more courses at the Executive Protection Training Institute and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get into the EP field. 
Thanks again. 
Carl Ruggiero
 Revere, MA. PD
To whom it may concern;      
     I had the pleasure of attending an executive protection training seminar that was conducted by the
Executive Protection Training Institute on March 27-28, 2010. The class was very informative and provided helpful
insight into the world of executive protection. The staff was informative, and knowledgeable with defensive
tactics that are needed in the executive protection field.
I have been a law enforcement officer for twenty two years and have been involved in an executive protection
assignment for thirteen years. I have had extensive training in executive protection and this class was a great
opportunity to gain insight into the executive protection field from a civilian point of view.
In my opinion, extending the training to a minimum of five
days, would allow the students the opportunity to apply the methods and techniques that were taught in the classroom
with practical scenarios that the instructors have experienced
in the real world of executive protection.    
Steve Whitman
Sergeant Detective                                                                                                Boston Police Department