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Our Executive Protection Officers 3 Day Training Seminar will be held in Santo Domingo RD

On: June & July 2018



 Space is limited and fills up quickly so apply here on-line, at our "Contact Page", or call us for more information at: 617-542-EPTI

About Us

"The Executive Protection Training Institute"

As a private training facility it is our goal to provide specialized "Protective Services Training" to those either desiring a career in the executive security field or those looking to refine their protection skills.

EPTI utilizes both public and private security consultants to bring you the most up to date information available. All of our instructors are certified Law Enforcement Officers and current Executive Protection Specialists.

Our classes are geared towards those wishing to obtain new skills as well as the seasoned veteran wishing to brush up on old ones.

The art of protection is a continual learning process. Students must constantly learn, observe and adapt to new techniques and procedures.

At EPTI we take the best from the best and adapt it to our industry needs. Student input, whether from personal experiences or from external training is always welcome.

A great man once said; "Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from bad decisions."It is far better to learn from others mistakes than your own.

Our major objective is to provide a uniformed set of practices and procedures for all protection officers to follow so that they will be able to cohesively work together without the necessity of having to re-train new members into a team.

Most of our training is presented in a two day training seminar format and strictly follows the guidelines set by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education on training seminars.

Training can be conducted at our location or yours.

The Executive Protection field is a high risk endeavor that should not be taken lightly. Your safety and that of your clients depends on your skill and expertise in carrying out your duties. Continually train and improve.

We are not bodyguards, a fence can guard a body. We are professionals that continually train and learn our craft.

Conflict avoidance is always the best course of action in this field of ours.

Are You Qualified?

If you are seriously considering a career in the Executive Protection field you will need to posses the minimum requirements for most entry-level corporate positions.

High School Education or Higher

Valid Drivers License w/clean history

Clean/Neat Appearance

Good Customer Service Skills

Clean Police Record

1st Aid/CPR Certification

Clear & Concise Language Skills

Ability to follow orders

Some Military/Security/ Police experience.

Ability to be Bonded and physical ability

In addition: most employers give preference to those that present the best image and are knowledgeable about the position they are applying for.

Any other skills or training you might obtain such as: Defensive Driving, EMT Certification, Fire Safety & Equipment, Executive Protection Training and Firearms Licensing will make you more desirable as an employee.

Although we have trained personnel from many different departments, local companies and countries we are NOT an employment company and taking one of our training seminars does not in any way constitute an offer for employment.

We are always happy to assist our attendees whenever we can and are proud to award certificates of completion to those who successfully complete one of our programs but we will never "rubber stamp" a certificate simply because someone paid for attendance. All of our training is hands-on and requires your professional participation.

Also keep in mind that: taking one training seminar or attending one class does not make one an expert in any field. You must continually train and learn and attending seminars are an excellent way to hone your skills.

EPTI, has trained representatives from over thirty law enforcement agencies on two continents since 1996.


Boston, Massachusetts USA

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Freedom, Maine USA


Mon - Fri: 10AM - 6PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: 10AM - 4PM

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