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Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU)

Society has shown us that most of the root causes of almost all of our social ills (criminality) today can be traced back to one main cause "Child Neglect".

When parents split (for whatever reason) it is often the children that suffer the most. Far too often that suffering is caused by what we call "Financial Terrorism". When one parent feels that the proper care and maintenance of a child is no longer their responsibility and they refuse to pay for their support.

This is a problem that is not gender specific and is seen in all segments of society and in virtually all countries.

It has been a long standing initiative at EPTI to always give back to the communities we serve. Several years ago we began training select individuals to volunteer for a specialized unit known as the "Child Support Enforcement Unit".

We have since trained operatives on two continents, whose goal it is to assist families with locating and encouraging reluctant parents to get right with their children and start making their child support payments.

Our uniformed teams accomplish this feat by using the respective legal systems to locate those in default, identify assets for seizure, and serving default notices in a "High Profile" fashion.

NEWS: We are proud to announce that in September, 2009 one of our highly trained teams became the first private (foreign) entity in history to be recognized by the Court System of the Dominican Republic for the enforcement of child support issues and to assist Dominican families no matter where they are located.

This daunting task is accomplished by working with the respective courts and attorneys to locate, track, notify and educate "Deadbeat" parents of their financial responsibilities.

To view a brief video of what it is our CSEU does, please click on the following link: or go to and keyword search Gerald Hagerty and view the video titled "Deadbeats and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions that would help our families in need.


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