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Our Staff:

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

Gerald B. Hagerty CPOI

Chief Executive Officer (Master Instructor)


Gerald B. Hagerty began his career in providing Executive Protection Services in 1988. Since that time he has worked in various protection positions to include: Protection Team Leader, Security Coordinator, Director of Security Services, Protection Team Member, Advance Survey Team Leader, Executive Protection Officer Instructor, Certified Protection Officer Instructor, President of PSPS Legal Support Services Inc. Founder of The Executive Protection Training Institute as well as founder of AmeriGuard Protective Services and the Everett Constables Association.

In 1995 Mr. Hagerty founded the Executive Protection Training Institute in Boston, Massachusetts and has since trained operatives from over thirty two different Law Enforcement Agencies on three continents. At EPTI he serves not only as Chief Instructor but also as the Director of Program Development and Course Evaluator.

After having spent 20+ years of providing personal protective services in some of Boston's most violent and dangerous neighborhoods Mr. Hagerty developed a basic course of training for Protection Officers that focused on simplicity, uniformity, and professionalism.

Following the guidelines of this training has helped him to be able to successfully provide protective services to such notables as: The Queen of Qatar, Dominican President: Leonel Fernandez, Barbara Bush and Raisa Gorbechev as well as many celebrities to include: Gabriel Union, Billy Dee Williams, Ms. Leslie Ann Warren, and "Avatar" star Zoe Saldana to name a few.

In addition to having been personally trained by TJ McCarthy in Executive Protection, Gerald also holds the following Instructor certifications:

Executive Protection Officers Instructor,

Conducting Executive and High Risk Employee Terminations (Instructor)

Certified Protection Officers Instructor (IFPO),

National Safety Council Defensive Driving Instructor,

RAD Defense Systems,

NSC 1st Aid/CPR, BBP Instructor,

NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor,

Concealed Carry Instructor,

Professional Chauffeur Instructor

NRA Personal Protection Instructor

NRA Firearms Safety Instructor

Simunitions Instructor

In addition to his numerous other endeavors Mr. Hagerty had spent over twenty years as a Deputy Sheriff and Certified Crime Prevention Officer with The Middlesex County Sheriffs Office and is also a Massachusetts State Police Certified Firearms Instructor and Licensed Private Investigator

by: Vannary Chhay

For More information about Gerald B. Hagerty check him out at:

Robert Malkasian

Tactical Firearms Instructor

Executive Protection Officer Instructor

Explosives Technician Instructor

Sniper Trainer

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

4th Degree Dan Tae Kwon Do (D/T Instructor) (Japan)

Massachusetts State Police Certified LEO Firearms Instructor

Dive Master/Instructor

TSA LEO Flying Armed Instructor

OSHA Instructor

New England Search & Rescue (NEWSAR) Member

After a long and successful military career, Mr. Malkasian focused his efforts at law enforcement where he served for several years as a Deputy Sheriff with the Middlesex County Sheriffs Office. As a deputy he was fortunate enough to have provided Executive Security Services to many dignitaries and politicians (to include the elite runners at many of the Boston Marathons) over the years. He has amassed many years of experience as a professional trainer which fortunately has led him down the path to the Executive Protection Training Institute.

Reflecting back on his (SF) military training and years of experience as a State Police Certified Firearms Instructor, Mr. Malkasian teamed with EPTI's Executive Officer Gerald B. Hagerty and helped develop our one of a kind "Advanced Tactical Firearms Training" for Executive Protection Officers course.

If you would like more information about Mr. Malkasian just google him he is featured in several books.

OSHA Safety Instructor

Executive Protection Officer Instructor

Pistol Expert/Sniper Instructor

Certified Law Enforcement Officer

Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

Deputy Sheriff

Certified Explosives Tech

Captain Edward Poueriet

Director of Caribbean Operations

To be better able to service our Spanish clients we have engaged Captain Poueriet who has a long history of heading operations in Latin America as the leader of a Anti-Terrorism SWAT Team. Trained in SWAT tactics, Executive/VIP Protection both in Latin America and the United States .

Edward will be overseeing all of our Latin American and Carribean Training.

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